Exciting Motorcycle Gear For You

You roam the highway, make it your own. The night air is all you breath, this is your revelry. Your bike could outrace the wind if you pushed it to. Or maybe you just imagine that trim black and grim road is the slipstream your land rocket glides through. Regardless, you’ve put dollars into your freedom and you need some new gear. Maybe some new chaps or those old saddlebags should be replaced. Or maybe you just want to provide yourself with some more inspiration, or you want to provide some intimidation. Have a look and see if you can find something in this list of Motorcycle gear that makes you grin like the hum of that horse you ride. What about the ideal sissy-bar bag, this premium leather Adventure Sissy-bar bag. Reminding you of an adventurer’s pack, this thing can even fit a bed roll. Great compliment to new saddle bags. Ultimate leather, ultimate freedom, ultimate life of amazingly crafted leather and hand beaten steel.

You’ve got your new bag behind you and its time to think of some new saddlebags. How about an X-Large Braided throw-over PVC Saddle Bag? Featuring 5 silver antiqued conches, this bag is a boss among bosses. Plenty of room to store what you need, it is 20 inches by 11 by 5.5 inches and ready to hit the road now. Now that you’ve got your sissy bag and your new saddle bag tied down, let’s look at a couple pieces of head gear or helmets. What about showing your dominance with a German style helmet, or 1-spike helmets? Sounds intriguing right? We know helmets are the least free part of your ride, but there are some really fun and awesome designs out there that will set you apart from the rest of the pack. You’ll look like you breath high octane flames when you put on one of these Boneyard Burgundy helmets. Elite, powerful, and bad to the bone. The concrete call and the wind’s caress are what you live for and we provide the leather and steel to enjoy it.

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Guide for Women’s Leather Jackets

To keep up with the latest trends in fashion, the majority of females pursue to have leather jackets. Wearing leather jackets have always been in trend. In an autumn season where you want to stay warm while looking cool these women’s leather jackets do the job correctly. The choices for leather jackets vary from person to person. Many females prefer to get jackets made from animal skin while some go for the ones with faux and vegan leather. Leather jackets with animal skin and faux are more into fashion than others. This section encompasses what you look for before buying a leather jacket.

At first, asses your liking, disliking and preferences when it comes to jackets. See whether you want to get a biker, a moto, a bomber, a blazer or a belted blazer leather jacket. Women’s leather jackets come in various lengths so that you can choose according to your preferences. Moreover, you can select the color of your choice, but black is always the first choice in order to look classy. Leather jackets from the cows and goats are the choice of many, but buying them depends on the affordability of the buyer. If you are short on budget, then you can go for the faux one. Faux leather is the mixture of the rayon or viscose with polyurethane. Moreover, you need to be vigilant and wise enough to identify that either you are getting real or fake leather. Because in the market, various sellers sell artificial leather which in feel and look is just like the real ones.

In cold weather, you can wear a long sweater with jeans to give yourself a more classy and elegant look. Wear it with jeans and long boots and go out for a movie night in cold weather to enjoy chilly nights truly. Go for the soft and buttery jackets that are easily moldable. Soft and buttery jackets are more likely to be more long-lasting and you won’t have to worry too much about damaging them. Another suggestion is that try to buy jacket by going to the market instead of shopping online. Online shopping cannot help you in checking out the exact texture and stuff of the leather jacket. Fake leather jackets wear off quickly and their colors also fade away within no time. Always take the jacket that best fits with your body so that you may not look bulky or puffy. You can also choose between different styles of jackets. Choose your jacket wisely keeping in mind the latest trends and also comfort.

Here’s What You Need to Know about Motorcycle Chaps

Are you a biker and always in search for something to make your bike journey sound and safe? If yes, then you are most definitely at the right place to get your answers. This guide will help you find the characteristics of motorcycle chaps and how they are beneficial for you. Motorcycle chaps are the protective clothing for the bike riders to ensure their safety. The chaps often are made up of leather, which prevents passengers from getting deep wounds. In case of an accident, bikers wearing chaps have high survival chances. Chaps are available in various colors; you can choose your favorite one. Moreover, varying sizes are also available so that bikers can choose according to their needs and requirements. Although you may not look cool but wearing chaps will protect you in case you face an accident. Maximum movement is the claim of the motorcycle chaps. Although chaps seem to be uncomfortable, they are highly comfortable. They ensure the maximum body movement without any difficulty. Moreover, it is essential to have maximum body and specifically leg tendency to ride a bicycle comfortably.

Motorcycle chaps are light weighted and comfortable. Chaps prevent wriggling around the seat during your bike ride. Before buying chaps, make sure to try them on and test once. The most significant part is that chaps provide maximum protection from accidents. It will keep you safe from wounds and abrasions in case you are in an accident or fall off the bike. The material used in chaps is sturdy such as leather. This will make your chap last longer. However, it is better to check before buying whether the material used is original or not. Another thing worth to mention over here is the weather protection of the chaps. No matter what weather it is, you can get the chap accordingly. In the market, you can find various chaps with different materials. For example, for cold weather, you can go for heavy stuff and in hot weather go with breathable material.

Many chaps come with multi-purpose functionality. For example, you can see different chaps have zipper pockets where you can place your valuables. You can put your ride essentials or other precious things in the pockets. Not only this, many chaps are exclusively designed for men and women. Even in chaps you can go for the trendy ones and make you look more elegant and adorable. Get yourself a motorcycle chap and have a secure journey.

Make Journey Easier with Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bags

Motorbikes not only allow you to reach from one place to another but they can easily carry a lot of your luggage. Having a motorcycle sissy bar bag can be very beneficial as it will provide a lot more benefits to the rider besides just storing the luggage. Before fixing a motorcycle sissy bar bag upon your bike, make sure you know the following basic details.

The most important thing to keep in mind when buying a sissy bar bag is its size. These bags are available in different sizes, specially designed keeping in mind the space available on your bike. Do not go for the bigger ones just because they can carry more stuff, get a bag according to the space and size of your bike. The sissy bar bag also helps in providing back support to the passenger sitting behind the rider. If you are planning to get the support from the bar bag, then make sure that you are buying the one with rigid structure even when there is no luggage inside it. You have a lot of options to select the bags as most of the bags are made of sturdy nylon and some with the synthetic leather. Both materials are tough, but nylon bags are preferred more. However, if you want to get some style, then leather is the best option for you. Most of these backs are water resistant but not waterproof. So, it is better to cover your bag with a sheet or rain cover as a precautionary measure. Also, keep in mind the luggage that you would put inside the bag while purchasing. It will help you to check if the bag is having enough space for internal dividers, external pockets, mounting straps, rainstorm cover, and heavy-duty zipper or not.

Having a sissy bar bag attached to your bike can be really useful if you are planning a long tour on your bike. You can use the bar bag to store your luggage as well. It allows you to carry a lot of daily life gears along with you. If you have to carry some important documents along with you, but the weather conditions do not allow you to take them along on a bike, then this bar bag can be a savior. You can put your documents in the bag and go wherever you want. So, get one of these bags online for your bike and feel relaxed.

Check out these women’s leather hats

With thousands of choices of hats on the market, choosing the one which is the most suitable for you is never an easy task. If you are looking for such hats to add to your wardrobe, check out these high quality and stylish women’s leather hats. These hats will add an elegant touch to your outfits

Women’s leather hats can be great accessories and can add an elegant touch to the woman final outfit. Leather hats are a long time staple in the world of millinery. With their distressed texture, these hats will bring you a unique and vintage look that you desire. With its vintage look, women’s leather hats can be paired nicely with a pair of boots and washed Jeans.

They are known to be extremely durable, rugged, and built to stand the test of time. On top of all that, the leather is made of high-quality material which is soft and smooth at the same time. Ruggedmotorcyclegear.com offers an excellent selection of women’s leather hats at value pricing. The selection of leather hats for women will only grow over time as we find more excellent choices for our customers.

Best Motorcycle Rain Gear for Men

Riding in the rains is dangerous and uncomfortable for those with Motorcycles or bicycles. Rains come unexpectedly, and it is, therefore, important to get a quality rain gear to keep you warm, comfortable, and safe. Our shop sells suitable types of motorcycle rain gear for the rains and raging storms thus making one’s movement easier. The best examples of this rain suits include all sports raincoat, Nelson Rigg Stormrider, ILM Motorcycles raincoat among others.

When choosing this rain suits, one has to consider the following features: they should be waterproof and durable depending on the type of material used. Size of the rain gear will determine how well it fits you. It should allow one to breathe well, control moisture, and heat without losing its waterproofing abilities. Moreover, it should be visible to allow one to see clearly when driving. Lastly, it should have seat mobility to avoid slipping off.

Rain suits pants and jackets are made of polyester and come with PVC coating. In addition, this makes it a waterproof suit that is designed to keep you comfortable and dry in the wettest weather. They are durable, reliable, and affordable. Furthermore, they have zippered legs gusset to facilitate entry of boots as well as elastic waist fasteners and strips to improve night visibility.

Stay Safe And Dry With A 1 Piece Motorcycle Rain Suit

Keep yourself safe on the road and prepared whatever the weather. Especially come the rainy seasons, be sure you always have your 1 piece motorcycle rain suit. The rain and cold while speeding on the road on your motorcycle never ends well for your health.

Avoid getting sick by making sure you have your motorcycle ready to take out at the sign of a drizzle. The 1 piece motorcycle rain suit is convenient to carry on the ride as it folds easily and be can be stored hassle-free. Don’t let a fever or flu slow you down because you neglected proper motorcycle riding gear that’s designed to protect you from the rain and cold. In that sense, think of the motorcycle rain suit as an investment in your health and safety. They are pretty easy to find and quite easy on the pocket so really, there shouldn’t be an excuse for you not to own one, and more importantly, not to bring one in every ride.

When buying your 1 piece motorcycle rain suit, check for the quality of material and ensure that it truly is waterproof and that can effectively shield you from the wet and cold. Buy also the right size to avoid inconvenience wearing them while driving your motorcycle.

Get on That Ride Donned In our Men’s Motorcycle Jacket!

While wearing men’s motorcycle jackets during rides is a legal requirement, often we tend to think of it as a punishment by the traffic police department or the law enforcement agency mandated with the task of ensuring compliance. Little do we remember it is for our safety. This, in most cases, is an infringement institutionalized by male motorcyclists. Please be advised that you need to be donned in your motorcyclist jacket for your safety and that of your passenger.

For men, next time you hit the road, ensure you are in any of the following men’s motorcycle jackets which are available in our stores at affordable prices. Most collections range from denim to leather to Cordura by variety and bomber jackets to blazers by design. These are jackets tailored to meet the safety standards and your safety.

Therefore, next time you hit the road, please remember to have your motorcycle jacket on. It will help you get off the traffic police hook and save your life too in case of an impending danger that would have otherwise had you trapped was it not for your premium scooter jacket.

Outfit Essentials: Womens Motorcycle Apparel

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, when you get on the motorcycle, a proper outfit is needed to keep you protected, safe, and make your ride even better. For the ladies looking to shop for women’s motorcycle apparel, here are 5 outfit essentials that you must have.

First item in your womens motorcycle apparel checklist is the helmet. Don’t skip the helmet, it’s designed to protect your head in case of accidents and keep away bugs, debris, and smoke from distracting you while you drive. Some helmets come with Bluetooth features, so you can listen to your jam on your 2-wheel, just not too loud so you can still hear and stay alert while driving. Next comes the riding gloves. In the face of an impending accident, you will try to extend your hands to shield yourself – the gloves will simply protect you from losing fingers and scraping off skin. Third is the motorcycle jacket to keep you protected from the elements while looking cool in your motorcycle. If it’s cold, the jacket will keep you warm, if it’s hot, wear it anyways to shield your skin from direct heat.

Fourth in our list of must-have women’s motorcycle apparel are motorcycle boots. Not just for looking great, but this footwear is actually made to protect your feet and give you traction in case of a crash. Finally, you need motorcycle pants. Riding in shorts look cool in the movies, but it’s dangerous to do so in real life. Protect your knees and legs, wear the pants!

Safety comes first with dot approved motorcycle helmet

When talking about motorcycle safety and comfort, one of the most important item bike riders need to consider is the motorcycle helmets. The helmet that they port can be a matter of life or death. Therefore, when purchasing motorcycles helmets, one needs to take in to account the safety and quality features. The dot approved motorcycle helmet should be on top priorities. This checked and tested helmet will ensure your safety, comfort and style in the same time.

The DOT is a responsible body that ensures and approves the safety and security requirements of the equipment. They made a rule that all these equipment and gear should be put into an appropriate test before entering the market. The dot approved motorcycle helmet features its sewn label and mark on the helmet itself. Thanks to its high quality and sturdiness, it will protect the motorcycle rides from head and skull injuries during accidents.

The dot approved motorcycle helmet will bring peace of mind to the riders and ensure their safety and comfort on the road. It is available in different styles and sizes, so make sure to get the appropriate fit.