Outfit Essentials: Womens Motorcycle Apparel

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, when you get on the motorcycle, a proper outfit is needed to keep you protected, safe, and make your ride even better. For the ladies looking to shop for women’s motorcycle apparel, here are 5 outfit essentials that you must have.

First item in your womens motorcycle apparel checklist is the helmet. Don’t skip the helmet, it’s designed to protect your head in case of accidents and keep away bugs, debris, and smoke from distracting you while you drive. Some helmets come with Bluetooth features, so you can listen to your jam on your 2-wheel, just not too loud so you can still hear and stay alert while driving. Next comes the riding gloves. In the face of an impending accident, you will try to extend your hands to shield yourself – the gloves will simply protect you from losing fingers and scraping off skin. Third is the motorcycle jacket to keep you protected from the elements while looking cool in your motorcycle. If it’s cold, the jacket will keep you warm, if it’s hot, wear it anyways to shield your skin from direct heat.

Fourth in our list of must-have women’s motorcycle apparel are motorcycle boots. Not just for looking great, but this footwear is actually made to protect your feet and give you traction in case of a crash. Finally, you need motorcycle pants. Riding in shorts look cool in the movies, but it’s dangerous to do so in real life. Protect your knees and legs, wear the pants!